The RunFlat system is easy to fit, reusable and much lighter due to the design and the proprietary material used.
The material offers exceptional ballistic resistance and typically does not shatter when fired at - it flexes, absorbs the energy and then partially heals back.
A market leader, RUNFLAT INTERNATIONAL cites experience with a number of renowned customers and manufacturers around the world.
The Dynamic RunFlat system is designed for single piece wheels and is therefore suitable to be fitted on the vast majority of cars, SUV’s, trucks and trailers.  It is made of 2 or 3 antiballistic composite segments:

  • A 2-segment RunFlat designed and manufactured to cover 15 km at 50km/h on road in deflated mode.
  • A 3-segment RunFlat designed and manufactured to cover 50 km at 50km/h on road in deflated mode.

The Static RunFlat system for multiple piece demountable (split) rims is primarily designed for military applications on and off-road.  It is made of 3 antiballistic composite segments bolted tightly around the wheel rim which remain fixed and keep the tyre in place whether inflated or not.  Its beadlock function is particularly strong in run flat mode due its patented shape, so even deflated tyres do not rotate on the rim.

  • Static 50km - A system designed and manufactured to cover 50km on road or 40km off road at 20km/h in runflat mode.
  • Static 100km - A system designed and manufactured to cover 100km on road or 60km off road at 30km/h in runflat mode.

The Beadlock system is designed to increase the mobility of a wheeled vehicle operating in soft terrain such as sand, mud or snow and increase traction whilst also preventing the wheel coming off the rim.
Beadlock System is a one piece cylindrical polymer, which fits around the wheel rim and secures the bead of the tyre against the wheel. 

Alongside the full range of RunFlats, PREECEMAY also supply a wide range of lightweight, high load capacity aluminium and steel wheels, tyres, tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and central tyre inflation systems (CTIS).  This means we are able to offer complete wheel systems (either assembled or separately).
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